Southern Latgale and Augšzeme

 4.70 ieskaitot PVN

Edition of the year 2018
Scale: 1: 200 000
Scale of Daugavpils, Jēkabpils, Krāslava, Ludza, Preiļi and Rēzekne.
Size 84 x 59 cm / 12 x 23 cm folded


There is information included that is necessary for any traveller – detailed network of roads, populated areas and farmsteads, forests, swamps and, of course, various tourism and service objects: castles, manors, museums, nature specimens, hills and castle mounds, sports complexes, tourism information centres, filling stations and gas filling stations, restaurants and cafes, hotels, motels, campings and other accommodation places.

There are pictures and information given for 44 major and most interesting tourism objects. Objects are also marked in the map, so tourist can get in-depth information about major tourism objects in region and plan route already before going on the journey.

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