Baltic Maps

One of the most comprehensive web map browsers in the Baltic States. You can see multiple maps (including orthophoto and historical topographic ones), search for addresses or places, plan a route, view real-time traffic data and get more details about points of interest. The page allows you to measure distances on the map, mark points, and send a map link via e-mail. Also, you can import your geometry files in multiple formats and view information such as your run on the map.

My Baltic Maps

A self–service map browser offers to create a personalized map for any place in the Baltics and order its original print. You can get a high-resolution print of either the Jāņa sēta traditional map or an orthophoto map.

Mana karte

The Manakarte portal offers an easy way how to make a basic dynamic web map, by placing your marker on the ‘Jāņa sēta’ base map. You can use it to display your location, for instance, on your website’s contacts page. For publishing it, we offer a ready-to-use embedded code.