GIS ANALYSIS OF resource and service location

Our information and software tools give us feasibility to do geospatial analysis of different kind of data and processes and display them on the map. Our experience in integration of specific customer created data in GIS systems as well as information analysing skills enable to develop smart solutions weather it is resource management or efficiency enhancement of service providing.


consultations for regional and national development

Universal knowledges and economic geographers` view to the world enable to conceive, understand and forecast processes in regional and national scale. These know-how skills to explain the most difficult issues in the most obvious way by displaying them on the maps are highly evaluated by governmental institutions like the Parliament of the Republic of Latvia, Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development of the Republic of Latvia, Ministry of Education and Science as well as several local municipalities in Latvia. The main consulting topics are economics, demography and education. In the year 2017 study “Optimizing the network of educational institutions in Latvia” was carried out, which is now the basis for the school network optimisation decissions. In the period of 2019-2020, implementing the administrative-territorial reform, Jāņa sēta have developed the substantiation of the administrative-territorial reform, as well as an online geospatial planning platform of the administrative-territorial reform.


thematic mapping

Thematic map is the most obvious way how to display results of geospatial analysis of statistical data, big data and distribution of different kind of processes and phenomena. Jāņa sēta is the leading developer of the thematic maps in the Baltic States. We have created high quality maps about history, inhabitants and population, economical industries as well as nature geography. On request our team of professional cartographers will create the perfect map about any theme.

Customer references

Thematic maps for Latvian National Encyclopedia

“Good maps are the critically important part of the Encyclopedia. In creation of high quality thematic maps accuracy, awareness and knowledges of different topics, responsibility as well as experience are cruical skills. Jāņa sēta truly comply with these requirements. In cooperation with the editorial board of the Encyclopedia, the company has demonstrated themselves as a professional and reliable partner.”
Valters Ščerbinskis, head of the editorial board of the Latvian National Encyclopedia.

Analysis of placement of declared persons in Smiltene local municipality

Jāņa sēta Map Publishers has given us the opportunity to become acquainted with our municipality, to analyze and understand the new challenges. They have developed tools that help us in everyday work, leave less space for empty speeches and makes it possible to avoid interpreations.”
Gints Kukainis, Mayor of Smiltene Municipality Council.

Research “Suggestions and arguments for the development and optimization plan of educational institutions in Bauska local municipality”

The research made by Jāņa sēta Map Publishers is an assisstant which with figures and data displayed on map obviously justify decisions in municipality`s everyday work. The interactive platform contains data about declared addresses of residents and value added by enterprises, thus gives us option to oversee processes in our municipality daily.”
Ineta Ruhocka, deputy ecexutive director of Bauska Municipality Council.



Research business unit 

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