A guide to Memorial Sites in Riga and Vicinity

“The first-time collaboration of the Museum of the Occupation of Latvia and “Jana seta Map Publishers” has resulted in a large-scale 358 pages edition Piemiņas vietu ceļvedis pa Rīgu un Rīgas apkārtni. 1918-1991. (Guide to Memorial Sites in Riga and Vicinity. 1918-1991).
The book has 5 chapters and 13 subdivisions comprising 203 objects. Each object has a map, informative and historical text, illustrative material (together more than 500 units), as well as bibliography and image signatures. The memorial guide is complemented with the A4 folded map. In view of all the aforementioned components, the book offers the reader a cultural historical journey through the memorial sites of Riga and its surroundings, which is linked to the construction of the Latvian state, its guarding, with the greatest emphasis on the occupation and the awakening of the nation.

Thanks to the creative and diligent work of “Jana seta” staff, a high-quality memorial guide has been created, specially praising the designer’s and editor’s work, poligraphy, and the smooth project management. Currently, this edition has received a nomination for the Book design contest “Zelta ābele 2017″ in the Cognitive Literature category. The book is also being prepared for the 2018 Annual Award of the Latvian Museum Society.  Thank you for the successful collaboration!”

Kristīne Čakstiņa, Museum of the Occupation of Latvia, specialist of Memorial sites