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Original, most detailed maps and address data of Baltic States – Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia.

In a free version you are able to browse Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia maps made by Jana seta and use GPS functionality.

If you subscribe to the full version, following features will be unlocked:

– search for Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia addresses and places, localities, counties, parishes, rivers, lakes, etc.;
– address identification by placing a flag on the map;
– points of interest, speed cameras in Baltic countries and road works in Riga;
– Route planning between multiple points on the map;
– calculation of driving time taken and distance in the route;
– see cadastre information and search cadastral parcels and buildings in Latvia;
– traffic information in Riga with its renewal every five minutes;
– aerial photographs of Latvia;
– Latvian topographic map scale 1:50000.

This application is not a navigation application, although it will help user to find objects, see them on map, make route and show the present location from GPS data and perform other functions mentioned in the description.
Subscription is based on yearly fee. To subscribe, you need to have:

– iTunes account for payments;

– account, if you want to use your subscription on another iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad you own

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