• Gaujas Nacinālais parks

Gauja National Park

 3.20 include TAX

Edition of the year 2018
Seventh, updated edition
Mērogs 1:100 000
Scale of Sigulda and Līgatne (including territory of Līgatne Nature Trails) town plans 1:20 000
Scale of Lower Amata, Āraiši, Ērgļi rocks, Melturi-Kārļi and Sietiņiezis rock 1:25 000
Size 73,5 x 55,5 / 12 x 23 cm folded



Map is updated and pubsished in cooperation with the Nature Conservation Agency.

Gauja National Park is the oldest and the largest national park in Latvia, established back in 1973. The main purpose of the park was to protect the unique natural treasures – the ancient valley of River Gauja and its surrounding forests. Nowadays, along the cultural and historical treasures dating back several centuries, the Gauja National Park is one of the most popular nature tourism and recreation destinations.

Maps are supplemented with additional information on the Gauja National park – nature tourism attractions and culture and history sites.

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