Old Riga. Map for tourists

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Edition of the year 2016
Size 61,8 x 46 cm, folded  10,3 x 23 cm
Scale for city center 1:10 000



Picture of the panorama of the Riga city center is masterly drawn by one of the best graphic designers in Latvia – Reinis Pētersons.

The picture shows a territory of The Old Town, green zones of the channel, arch of Boulevards, surroundings of the train station and Central market as well as part of Pārdaugava and building of the National Library of Latvia. Admiringly precise and detailed picture gives an option to see a city from the same view as from hot air balloon.

Panorama picture is supplemented with a short guide with descriptions of the most popular sightseeing places as well as with street name index. Places, described in the guide, are highlighted in the picture. Map have two editions – one in Latvian/ Russian language, other in English/ German.

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