• Velomaršrutu karte

Cycling routes. Active tourism map

 8.90 include TAX

Edition of the year 2018
Scale 1: 500 000
Scale of route maps 1: 20 000 – 1: 100 000
Size 97 x 65 cm/ 12,1 x 21,7 cm folded

Route information and descriptions in Latvian!


The first active tourist map in Latvia, issued by Tyvek®, is made from a highly durable synthetic fiber material. It is waterproof, untearable and does not fade in the sun ensuring the longevity of the map usage.

Active tourism map “Velomaršruti” (“Cycling routes”) invites you to get to know Latvia through the most environmentally friendly means of transport – bicycle. To find the route that suits you best, look at the details of each route: the length of the route, the coverage and the starting point coordinates. Taking into account the nature, landscape and cultural history of the route, the quality and accessibility of the infrastructure, the authors of the map have chosen the 12 most interesting bicycle tracks. For more information, see the details of each route. A large part of the cycle runs along public roads, so be careful and follow the rules of the road! Make sure you are well visible to other users of the road and remember to wear a safety helmet!

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