The Great Lithuanian Mushroom Book (Lithuanian language)

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“The Great Lithuanian Mushroom Book” is the most comprehensive publication about fungi of Lithuania. The book includes more than 730 species of fungus illustrated with more than 1120 photographs.

Editors and authors: Inita Dāniele (Latvia), Diāna Meiere (Latvia) un Reda Iršėnaitė (Lithuania)
Translation from Latvian: Aleksandra Fominaitė
Publishers of the book: the Latvian Museum of Natural History and Ltd Jana seta
Partner in Lithuania: Ornitostogos
528 pages


“The Great Lithuanian Mushroom Book” is based on the book written by mycologists from Latvia Inita Dāniele and Diana Meiere in 2020 about mushrooms in Latvia, and it was specially adapted and supplemented for Lithuania by Lithuanian mycologist Reda Iršėnaitė.
According to Reda, co-author of the book, several books about mushrooms have been published in Lithuania in the last ten years, but most of them describe only edible mushrooms or a small number og guppies.
In order to stimulate readers’ interest in mushrooms and their diversity, the book focuses on both traditional cap mushrooms and other groups of mushrooms, covering both the most common and unusual and rare mushrooms – beetles, swamps, coral, tufts, underground mushrooms and many other macroscopic mushrooms.

Book is intended for nature enthusiasts, mushroom pickers and mushroom photographers to aid identifying species and learning about the diversity of them.

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