Book “Bird Guide” (Lithuanian language)

 27.95 include TAX

The most complete, precise and popular bird guide to the Birds of Europe – the “Collins Bird Guide” is now translated into Lithuanian!

Book Authors: Lars Svensson, Dan Zetterström, Killian Mullarney
Translators: Laimonas Šniaukšta, Milda Šniaukštienė, Vidmantas Adomonis, Jos Stratford
Scientific Editor: Saulius Karalius, Marius Karlonas
Text Editor: Aušra Tamošiūnienė
Publisher: Jana seta
Publishing Partner in Lithuania: Ornistostogos


Swedish ornithologist Lars Svensson, his countryman, illustrator Dan Zetterström and Irish illustrator Killian Mullarney succesfully launched their book in 1999 for the first time. Soon after its release, the book was described as “the last great bird book of the 20th century,” and “undoubtedly the finest field guide that has ever been produced”. It has achieved almost cult status and is reffered to by birdwatchers as the “Ornithologist Bible”.
This is the newest, third edition of the book translated into the Lithuanian language.

The book concists of:
– detailed texts about 831 bird species
– comprehensive illustrations
– up-to-date distribution maps with information on breeding, wintering and migrations
– the book has been translated into Lithuanian language and is also supplemented with current information on Lithuanian bird species.

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