Book “Climate Change around the World”

 16.50 include TAX

The children’s book “Climate Changes around the World” will inspire and provide knowledge about climate change on Earth, offering solutions for what we can do!

Author: Andrea Minoljo
Illustrator: Laura Fanelli
Foreword and Scientific Editor: Gunta Kalvāne
Text Editor: Elīna Kokareviča
Translator: Elīna Gulbe
Graphic design: Kristiāna Mistrali

The book is published in Latvian language
For children from age 8.


Book “Climate Changes around the World” is filled with engaging big ideas that will inspire children to think about their role in keeping our world healthy. It details how humans have impact our planet and shows the ways we can work together to be part of the solution and create a healthier world.

Book will help children to understand complex topics like Air pollution, Rising seas, Plastics and increased waste, Wildfires and The backmatter.

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