Colouring map book “Terra Color”

Size 23 x 22 cm
Volume 24 pages



“Terra Color” is a map colouring book for adults and children, introducing them to the lines originating as a result of interaction between man and nature and drawn on a globe of the Earth. Colouring of the book page by page will take you to well-known and familiar areas, as well as to distant and mysterious places.

The extensive popularity of the colouring books shows their ability to bring out human creativity, and meditative and stress reducing qualities have been attributed to them, tempting you to dive into the pleasures of colouring. A collection of contour maps, so popular during our school years, has been turned into the first book in the world where a map is created as a basis for creative expression and imagination.

Colour it and fill the world with your colours! Discover the cartographer in you by colouring streets and buildings, rivers and lakes, countries and continents. Page by page you can colour 24 places of the world, including New York, Dubai, Venice, the lakes of Finland, Kuala Lumpur, Rio and Stockholm!

The technical solution of the book allows for the easy separation of each page from the book, which can then be pinned to the wall or given as a greeting card after colouring is completed.

The book was published in cooperation with

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