“Ukraine. From Ancient Times to the Present” book

 19.99 include TAX

Edition of the year 2024

Authors: Mariia Takhtaulova, Serhiy Zhukov
Illustrator: Zhenya Myroniuk
Translator: “Skrivanek Baltic”, Ltd
Editor: Jānis Barbans
Proofreader: Ilze Antēna
Layout designer: Līga Dubrovska

By purchasing the book, you donate 1 EUR to the association  “Tavi Draugi” to support Ukraine.

EAN: 9789984077802


“Ukraine. From Ancient Times to the Present” will send curious readers on a journey to the past of Ukraine. The book will tell about the first people on Ukrainian land, about the settlements of ancient Slavs, about Princes, kossacks… and up till the presidents. On this journey, the readers will learn about symbolic places, cultural heritage, and achievements of Ukrainians in various fields. Each fact is backed with illustrations that liven up the events and make the perception of information easier.

The authors of the book are two historians from Kharkiv – Mariia Takhtaulova and Serhiy Zhukov. They once studied together at the university and even sat on the same bench. The authors’ goal was to write a history story that would be interesting for both children and adults to read.
We think they have succeeded!


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