Set of books of the “100 Maps” series

 69.99 include TAX

Set of books “100 Maps Before the State of Latvia” and “Towns of Latvia in 100 Maps”.


“Towns of Latvia in 100 Maps” is the third book in the “100 Maps” series. The book features 100 historical town plans, allowing a glimpse into the past of 39 Latvian cities from the 17th century to the year 1987. The maps are complemented by images and descriptions of interesting events that took place in the towns during the time of map creation. The main focus is on Riga, but historical plans of smaller towns, from Ainaži to Zilupe, are also included. The book is published by Jana Seta,  the National Library of Latvia, and the National Archives of Latvia.

The maps used in the book can also be viewed in the digital map collection of the National Library of Latvia.

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