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Scratch-off map “World”

 16.95 include TAX

First edition
Map size: 70 x 49 cm
Tube size: 54.5 cm x 7 cm/dm

EAN: 9789984076836


Have you have travelled a lot and wish to bring back the memories of the countries you have visited? Do you want to mark on the map the countries where the cooperation partners of your company are located? Or are you simply inquisitive and willing to discover the world country by country? The new scratch-off map “World” will give you such an opportunity! Find the country on the map, as well as its flag, and scratch off the golden colour layer. This is the first edition of such kind of map in the Latvian, as well as Lithuanian and Estonian languages, based on an edition of the precise world political map, supplemented with flags of all world countries.

The edition is packaged in a cardboard tube of special design and it can be perfectly used as a good gift.


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