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  • kasāmplakāts

Scratch-off poster “Birds of Latvia”

 19.95 include TAX

Poster size 90 x 63 cm
Tube size 68 cm x 7 cm (diameter)

50 drawings of birds in Latvia


Discover birds and make your own collection!

The scratch-off poster “Birds of Latvia” contains 50 common, characteristic and special bird species of Latvia, which we invite to observe in nature, recognize and discover in the poster. Some bird species will be found on the first day, while others will be found only for a true bird watcher.

It will also be interesting to study how these birds look. All birds have the same basic parts and functions, but are unique in their own ways. In the drawings of the well-known artist and children’s book illustrator Agija Staka, the birds will be easily recognizable by their characteristic features.

Discover birds together with family, and then make your own collection of birds in the poster in an exciting way!

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