Ludza, Cibla, Kārsava and Zilupe district

 4.90 include TAX

First edition
Scale 1:100 000
Scale of Ludza, Zilupe and Kārsava town plans 1:20 000
Size 62,5 x 92 cm / 12,5 x 23 cm folded


This first edition has been prepared using the newest aerial photographs available, the newest cartographic and address information and field survey data. All territory of  districts has been inspected during year 2009 and 2010, driving more than 4000 km.

Road network and building layouts has been precisely updated, tourism and service objects are shown, as well as the nature protection territories, forests and hydropgraphy. Map is also supplemented with wide reference information about every local authority (general information, places of interests, lodging etc.), and 40 photographs. Map is prepared in cooperation with Ludza districts tourism information centre.

Map and reference information has been conformed with local municipalities, so this makes the Ludza, Cibla, Kārsava and Zilupe district map in scale 1:100 000 the most precise edition of this territory at the moment.