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Scratch-off poster “Countries of the World”

 19.95 include TAX

Poster size 90 x 63 cm
Tube size 68 cm x 7 cm/dm

Country names in the original language and in English

Product Description

To explore the world and change your perspective, look at the world in a different way!

The scratch-off poster “Countries of the World” contains 200 countries, in descending order of size, from the largest to the smallest. Each country has its name written in its original language and in English, as well as the size of the territory.

Which is the smallest country you’ve ever been to? How big are the neighboring countries? Which countries have you visited? Scratch off the silver colour layer and you will show your visited countries. You can now easily and visibly compare countries by size.

You can learn some new facts about countries and scratch off a silver colour layer, for example, from the smallest country to the largest. You can arrange country exploration by scratching off the silver colour layer only for the countries you have visited. This will allow you to create a personalized scratch-off poster as the colors of the countries vary.

The edition is packaged in a specially designed cardboard tube and it can be used perfectly as a good gift.