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Great Atlas of Latvia

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Edition of the year 2012
Map of Latvia in scale 1: 100 000 (1 cm = 1 km)
Town and village plans in scale 1: 20,000
Size: 21,5 x 30,6 cm
392 pages
Index of places and street names

Product Description

This is the largest map collection about Latvia ever published. The Atlas of nearly 400 pages is the first to show the whole Latvia in scale 1:100 000 (1 cm = 1 km). It is the smallest scale, in which it is possible to map almost all roads and farmsteads of Latvia. The total length of roads in the Atlas exceeds 122 000 kilometres. The cartographers of “Jana Seta” have driven all the roads and the total length of their travels equals that of several times around the globe.

There are more than 100 000 place names on the maps of the Atlas. Since place names often include unique cultural and historical information, the creators of the Atlas have taken special care to select the place names. Beside all names of villages and streets, the Atlas includes also more than 55 000 house names.

Travellers of Latvia will definitely enjoy the rich amount of natural, cultural and historical objects depicted on the maps of the Atlas. Secular trees, secular stones, all hill forts, cemeteries and churches, also cultural and historical buildings that for the first time are identified on city and village maps. A more observant user of the Atlas will notice the lightly depicted relief, which for the first time is present on the maps of “Jana Seta” of such scale.

However, the main value of this edition is extremely precise depiction of the territory of Latvia including such nuances as high voltage network lines, borders of deer gardens or abandoned railway lines that have been adapted for the local motor traffic. The Atlas comprises 113 plans of Latvian cities and biggest villages in a more detailed scale (1:20 000).

The Great Atlas of Latvia can also be considered as the long awaited summary of the popular and now updated maps of Latvian regions and municipalities published in 1990’s.

The group of authors of this edition hopes that the Great Atlas of Latvia will become an essential help for travellers, planners, and researchers of Latvia, as well as for those, who need detailed information about more distant parts of our country in their daily work.

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