JS Baltija 3

What is new in JS Baltija 3


Maps and Data

  • Updated all maps from Jana seta Map Publishers.
  • New road map of Latvia on a scale 1:100 000.
  • Addresses in Estonia to the level of houses and possibility to search addresses by title and display on the map.
  • Updated road data, provides the ability to run routes in Baltic States.
  • Updated database of addresses, natural, tourist, cultural and historical sites, transportation facilities and communications, settlements and database from zl.lv.


  • A completely new functionality to create a database:
    • Client can work with a local database included in the installation of any program (SQLite).
    • In Professional and GPS version with module User Base, users may work in a local and central database (MySQL), which provides the ability to create an unlimited number of objects.
    • Objects may be imported into a database from file with format KMZ (KML). By double-clicking the file will open the JS Baltija 3 and display the data on the map.
    • New opportunities for tracking objects by means of a centralized database.
    • The user can change the intensity of maps to visualize more graphic data on lighter map foundation.
  • A new algorithm for routing and route optimization:
    • In the Professional version the route may include up to 500 objects. Speed ​​of routing and point optimization depends from resources of the computer.
    • Implemented route optimization not only in a circle, but from the first to the more distant location - linear optimization. Route optimization over the roads, so the obstacles are taken into account in the optimization process.
    • It is possible to create a route for pedestrians, cyclists, operative transport or vehicle, indicating its mass. If the specified vehicle mass exceeds 3500 kg, routing functionality will consider permanent restrictions of movement of heavy vehicles.
  • The user guide is powered by a context-sensitive guidance that opens after pressing the F1 in the relevant section of the program.


JS Baltija 3 has been developed in four modifications that have identical sets of data and maps, but different functionality.


Possibilities JS Baltija 3 Standard JS Baltija 3 GPS JS Baltija 3 Professional
Maximum number of user objects 20 200 unlimited
Number of stopovers 5 100 100
GPS support No Yes Yes
Monitoring of objects No No Yes, special version
Import of user maps No No Yes
Map export No Seperate module Seperate module



1. Data Exchange - provides importation of SHP and KMZ, KML files into JS Baltija 3 and data exportation as SHP files for use in other programs. 

2. User Base - unlimited number of user objects in the database. JS Baltija 3 GPS versions have limited user object quantity, accordingly 50. With User Base module it is possible to develop database with unlimited amount of user objects. 

3. Address Link - manages automatic conjunction of objects to the map within territory of Riga according to the address and cities of Latvia according to the street name. You can move all objects from a certain database to the database of JS Baltija 2 if the addresses of the objects are stated. 

4. Map Image - gives a possibility to export a raster map with all objects from the active view to BMP or JPG file. 

5. Map File - gives a possibility to save the map displayed on the screen as BMP or JPG file together with its coordinate registration files (JPGW, BMPW). Graphical file with coordinate information will enable you to open the map in other graphical information systems (GIS).


6. GPS Reportin program you can make simple reports. For more advanced reports for your GPS tracks you can purchase separate report module.

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