Technical parameters


Minimum requirements for the PC


Operating system MS Windows 2000/XP // MS Windows Vista/7
Processor Pentium 500 MHz // 1 GHz, 32-bit (x86) 
RAM 512 MB // 1 GB 
Free space on the hard disk 6 Gb
Video Super VGA 800x600, 16-bit High Color 


Special functions in JS Baltija 2






Max. number of user objects




The possibility to use a central database   - module +

GPS support




Number of stopovers




Auto tracking




Import of raster maps




Import and export of *.shp, import of *.kmz files




Export of raster map





Data bases


The database of JS Baltija 3 includes more than 900 000 different objects organized in more than 30 overlays. The data overlays have been created with the help of ESRI software products and they fully comply with the GIS standards. The object overlays are arranged in 11 relative groups according to their significance and application. They will guide you through the vast amount of information. All groups of the objects are listed below.

Natural objects in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia 

Objects of cultural and historical interest (museums, churches, castle mounds and tourism objects)

Tourism infrastructure (hotels and other accommodations, information centers in Latvia)

Transport and communications

- Latvia  (airports, railway stations, bus stations, petrol stations, border crossing points, post offices)

- Lithuania (railway stations)

- Petrol stations in Baltic states

Medical assistance (hospitals, first aid in Latvia)

Populated places (towns and villages of Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and other countries of Europe)

Administrative division 

- Latvia (cities, parishes, apanages)

- Lithuania (country’s, districts, elderships)

- Estonia (country’s, parishes)

Streets (in cities of Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania)

Gallery of images

Object data base from

Addresses of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia


Jāņa Sēta Map Publishers will update and supplement the object database at regular intervals and will supply the registered users with the newest overlays and the updated or amended software versions.





Users of JS Baltija 3 have access to almost all road maps, district and regional maps and city and village plans published by Jāņa Sēta Map Publishers over the recent years. Maps (pictures of maps) in JS Baltija 3 are provided in the format of raster pictures and the most convenient scales are used for presenting them on the screen.





Europe overview map

1:3 500 000

all Europe

Baltic overview map

1:500 000-1:2 000 000

all Baltic

Road map

1:200 000

Latvia, Lithuania

District and regional maps

1:100 000

See Help / Available maps...

Ortofoto maps of the Latvian Geospatial Information Agency

1:50 000 - 1:20 000


Topographic map of the Latvian Geospatial Information Agency

1:50 000


City and village plans

1:20 000

See Help / Available maps...

Plans of city centres

1:10 000

See Help / Available maps...



System of coordinates


JS Baltija 3 maps and object databases are linked to one of the most commonly used coordinate systems in Latvia LKS-92 that ensure real link with external positioning systems and in more advanced software versions enable the use of external databases. There are coordinate converting tools included in program, that allows working with UTM or geographical coordinates.





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