Acknowledgments and awards

1. Avenza systems awards.


One of the most well known cartographic software producing companies - company from Canada Avenza Systems Inc. since Year 2001 organises international compretitions to find our which are the best maps prepared using Avenza Systems software MAPublisher. This product allows its users to form maps graphically, saving theirs co-ordinate and attribute information, thereby connecting geographic information systems (GIS) and traditional cartography even more. Map publishers from all over the world takes part in these competitions and "Map Publisher Jana seta" achievements confirms our competitiviness among cartographers form all over the world.

  • Year 2001 - Interactive Map System "JS Latvia" is announced to be the best software in category of multimedia.
  • Year 2002 - Latvian autoroad atlas by "Map Publisher Jana seta" in absolute evaluation is announced to be the best map prepared with MAPpublisher software.

  • Year 2003 - World Geography atlas is announced to be the best map in category of special significance. Also the World Political wall map receives acknowledgement in the same year.

  • Year 2004 - First edition of Latvia tourist guide receives a acknowledgement.

  • Year 2006 - Estonian version of Great geographic atlas ("Suur Maailma atlas") received Grand Prix award from the organizers of competition.

2. IMTA award.

In the competition organized by International Map Trade Association (IMTA), Year 2006, product „JS Latvia 3” earned second place in category of Digital cartography 2005, only losing to Belgian digital map system. There were participants from Europe, Africa and Middle East reģions in this competition.



3. "Zelta abele" 2008

Great geographic atlas, that was published at the end of Year 2008 has received an acknowledgements not only from a map connoisseurs and specialists from cartography sector, but also in Latvijas Grāmatizdevēju asociācija competition "Zelta ābele 2008" atlas received main award as the central event in Latvian book industry in Year 2008.

Atlas also earned an acknowledgement from polygraphy industry, receiving special award from Association of Latvian polygraphy companies.



4. „Zelta ābele 2009”


In competition „Zelta ābele 2008” run by Latvian Publisher’s Association in 2009 in „School books” category „New Universal world atlas” was nominated.


5. "Zelta ābele 2010”


In 2010 "World reference atlas” first edition was nominated in category "Reference publications”.




6. "JS GPS follow-on" system 1st place in category "Import replacement product" in competition "Export and innovation" arranged by Investment and Development Agency of Latvia.







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