GPS tracking


We offer different tracking solutions that meets different needs, because of their different cost policy and functionality. We offer solutions for:

To introduce the system you have to equip car or other transport unit with tracking device or give portable device to human. It will send the tracking information to server where it will be safely stored for user to acces it at any time from its computer or via Internet in any corner of the world. For the preferable time ypu will be able to see:

  • On map - track route with marked stops, their duration and time,
  • In graphs - fuel comsumption and other rates from vehicle,
  • Desired information in at least 12 repports in different aspects.

System can send alarm mesages to e-mai or with SMS to mobile phone, if vehicle has been moved in wrong time from zone where it should stay for certain time or other vailations by choise of system user.


There you can see how works tracking solution in internet.

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