GIS data

Geographic vector data bases often are collections of maps, in which elements are grouped in layers (coverages) according to the type of information (roads, buildings, hydrography, settlements, harbours, relief etc.). Layers are connected with each other with the help of the real World coordinates.


These maps usually have attributive information. That means for example, a street is not only a 12.4 cm long line on the screen but there is additional information available on its name, actual width, pavement etc.


Databases are widely used for analysis purposes. With the help of specialized software, like ArcView, we can calculate for example, the shortest and most convenient way from the office to the customer.

Jana Seta Map Publishers has developed and offers following GIS data bases:

  • Riga 1:10 000
  • cities and towns of Baltic countries 1:20 000
  • Latvia 1:100 000
  • Baltic countries 1:200 000
  • Baltic countries, Belarus and Kaliningrad region of Russia 1:500 000
  • Eastern Europe and Northern Europe 1:1 000 000
  • GIS data bases of the continents and the regions of the world (1:3 000 000 - 1:50 000 000)

  • In all offered GIS data bases, information is grouped in layers un coverages. Data bases contains basic data layers: hydrography, populated places, administrative territorial division and borders, road and railway network, landuse, and also specific layers with additional information: airports, protected nature territories, notable nature objects and objects of cultural and historical significance etc.

    All of these data bases are available for purchase, and not only whole data base but also separate layers, combined layers form different data bases, and parts of data collected by different criteria: scale, content etc.


    Latvia and Baltic geospatial data layers

    Data territorial availability
    Roads Baltic

    Populated places (cities, towns, rural settlements,

    town and village parts) 

    Farmsteads, discrete houses  Baltic
    Administrative division Baltic
    Territorial division Baltic
    Railways Baltic
    Railway stations and stops Baltic
    Terrain contour lines Baltic
    Power lines (magistral) Baltic
    Hydrography (waterbodies, water flows, islands) Baltic
    Landuse (built-up areas, forests, swamps) Baltic
    Filling station Baltic
    Hotels, campings, accommodations Baltic
    City public transport routes and stops in Riga, Tallinn and Vilnius Baltic
    Protected nature territories Baltic
    Border checkpoints Baltic
    Tourist information centres Baltic
    Lighthouses Baltic
    Churches Baltic
    Ports Baltic
    Airports Baltic
    Bus terminals Baltic
    Highest peaks of Baltic Baltic
    Castle mounds Baltic
    Places of interest Baltic
    Museums Baltic
    Buildings Latvia
    Educational institutions Latvia
    Hospitals and out-patient clinics Latvia
    Post offices Latvia
    Self-governments Latvia
    Embassies Latvia
    Skiing complexes Latvia
    Cultural institutions Latvia
    Nightclubs Latvia
    Cinemas Latvia
    Restaurants and cafes Latvia
    Airfields Latvia
    Theaters Latvia
    Concert halls Latvia
    Bus stops Latvia
    Firebreak Latvia
    Main oil and gas pipelines Latvia
    Riga neighborhoods Riga



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