Editions by order

We offer you opportunity to make your own special edition to any of our publications, using your design for map or atlas covers. On maps or city plans in this kind of edition you could place your company logo on objects you are interested in.


These editions will be great gifts to your clients, partners and employees, an original companies presentation material which could substitute traditional and usual business environment gifts and presentation materials. Besides it will be very practical gift which will be used for many years! Also we can do works by order – make a design for edition, layout design and proofreading, preparing maps or fragments of maps including subscribers information, provide text translations.


Detailed description [PDF]

Map browser
Map of traffic jams

Interactive map for your web site!

See traffic jams in Riga city!!!

Actual products

Road Atlas of Lithuania
Road Atlas of Lithuania

Fourth, fully updated editon
Scale 1: 200 000 (1 cm on map – 2 km on nature)
City and town plans in scale 1: 20 000 (1cm on map – 200 m in nature)
Size 21 x 30 cm, 232 pages