Map files

If you would like to use our maps in your publications – brochures, books, magazines etc – we can prepare file according to your needs.The price depends on size of map, on amount of information which you would like to place on a map, and on fact if you would like to publish this map only once or repeatedly.

The price for the rights to use the map in the internet is smaller, for little fragments where for example you can mark the locality of your company it is even symbolic.

As time is getting on the content of maps of course becomes old and inaccurate, therefore to make the information in your map actual and accurate we offer to update your maps according to all your needs.

We do remind that using city plans, maps or any fragments of those without purchasing the rights to use or confirmation with “Map publisher Jana seta” is copyright infringement and will be punished according to Latvian laws.


Map browser
Map of traffic jams

Interactive map for your web site!

See traffic jams in Riga city!!!

Actual products

Latvia Travel Guide
Latvia Travel Guide

590 sightseeing places
10 sections on regions and a separate section about Riga
115 maps
Appr. 400 pictures
101 tourist information centres, 340 museums and 1,630 accommodations in inquiry information section
Index of places and objects
Size: 14x24 cm / 280 pages.