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JS Baltija 3 Standard

Basic modification of the software with all main functions that are required to operate with the maps and the included database. JS Baltija 3 Standard is an excellent aid to a tourist who intends to travel over Europe virtually or in presence, a pupil (also a teacher) who studies geography of Europe or computer basics or a student who learns about the geographical information systems. It allows:

  • developing routes in Baltic’s with maximum 5 stopping places,
  • creating one’s own database with up to 20 objects.

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Map browser
Map of traffic jams

Interactive map for your web site!

See traffic jams in Riga city!!!

Actual products

Road Atlas of Lithuania
Road Atlas of Lithuania

Fourth, fully updated editon
Scale 1: 200 000 (1 cm on map – 2 km on nature)
City and town plans in scale 1: 20 000 (1cm on map – 200 m in nature)
Size 21 x 30 cm, 232 pages