Geographic Information Systems

Rapid growth of information systems changed the traditional concepts about geography and cartography. One of the most significant innovation which has changed geography and geography related sectors is GIS (geographic information systems) creation and implement into practice. Thanks to the GIS geographic expansion took place. Nowadays millions of people, not even knowing the fact, is using products, information and services, which are created using GIS, on a daily bases.

Due to GIS, currently geographic information is used designers, police, security and rescue services, transport and logistic companies, merchants, mobile phone operators, auto drivers, tourists and many representatives form other sectors, which did not have an opportunity of using wide and specific geographic information before GIS appearance.

Nearly every company or institution is using data bases. Main difference between GIS orientated data bases and ordinary data bases is its attachment to the real world geographic coordinates.

"Map publisher Jana seta" works since 1992 and it have become the leading map publisher in Baltic states. Countless of our maps would not be possible to make without GIS. Geographic information in our data bases has been collecting for 10 years, and currently "Map publisher Jana seta" offers various content and scale vector data bases and raster data, which are widely used for GIS creation, also services and consultations for GIS creation, maintenance and update.

"Map publisher Jana seta" created GIS data bases is available for purchase.

Our ready-made GIS solutions you can find and explore in IT section of our home page.


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