Licence conditions

The payment for the user license is included in the price of the purchased program. The program is the property of the Jana seta Map publishers Ltd. irrespective of the type of information carrier it is written on. The license does not award you the ownership rights to the program or any of its parts or components.

The Copyright Law of the Republic of Latvia protects the ownership rights to the program and the enclosed material. Illegal copying or modification of the program or its inclusion in other programs is prohibited. You may not modify, adapt, translate, decompile or deassemble the program. You may not use the maps included in the program fully or partially in other software products, republish or transfer them to any other information carriers

You may:

1. Use the program on one PC with one monitor.
2. Use the information obtained from the object database of the program for noncommercial purposes.

Violation of the stated rules will lead to automatic withdrawal of the license without a notification from the Jana seta Map publishers Ltd.

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Map of traffic jams

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