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First edition

Size 61,8 x 46 cm, folded  10,3 x 23 cm

Scale for city center 1:10 000


Picture of the panorama of the Riga city center is masterly drawn by one of the best graphic designers in Latvia – Reinis Pētersons. The picture shows a territory of The Old Town, green zones of the channel, arch of Boulevards, surroundings of the train station and Central market as well as part of Pārdaugava and building of the National Library of Latvia. Admiringly precise and detailed picture gives an option to see a city from the same view as from hot air balloon. Panorama picture is supplemented with a short guide with descriptions of the most popular sightseeing places as well as with street name index. Places, described in the guide, are highlighted in the picture. Map have two editions – one in Latvian/ Russian language, other in English/ German.  

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Edition 2016
District maps in scale 1:75 000
Liepājas, Aizputes, Durbes, Grobiņas, Pāvilostas, Priekules, Vaiņodes town plans in scale 1:20 000
Size 87,5 x 69 cm / 11,5 x 23 cm folded

This first edition has been prepared using the newest aerial photographs available, newest cartographic and address information and field survey data. All territory has been inspected during year 2010 and 2011. Autoroad network and building layouts has been precisely updated, tourism and service objects are given, as well as the nature protection territories, forests and hydropgraphy. Map is also supplemented with wide reference information about every local authority (general information, places of interests, lodging etc.), and photographs. Map and reference information has been conformed with Liepāja region tourism information office, districts tourism information centres and local municipalities.

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Second edition Scale 1:200 000 Size 69 x 84 cm / 23 x 12 cm folded Plans of Aluksne, Balvi, Gulbene, Jekabpils, Ludza, Madona, Rezekne, Smiltene and Valmiera in scale 1:20 000

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Edition of year 2016
Scale 1:1 000 000
Size 49 x 32 cm / 8,2 x 16 cm folded
Lithuania road map in scale 1:1 000 000 includes also several town plans - Vilnius (scale 1:100 000), Kaunas (scale 1:85 000), Klaipeda, Sauliai, Panevezys, Alytus (scale 1:75 000).
Edition is devised for those who may see the usual road map as too big or too detailed. This map fit in the pocket. If you would like to go, for example, from Vilnius to Mazeikiai, then this small road map will be sufficient.
Despite the size, the map shows quite detailed road network with distances between the main road intersections, railroads, ferry service lines, border crossing points, national parks and selected populated places.
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Edition 2016
Scale 1:1 200 000 
Size 69 x 94 cm / 12,5 x 24 folded
Hard cover


Norway map shows detailed road network with distances between the main road intersections, all ferry service lines, border crossing points. Due to detailed populated places classification, one can easy find the biggest urban and quite small countryside villages. In map there is an information about various tourism and service objects, national parks and selected populated places, railroads, forests, swamps. The relief is depicted with shading.
The map has alphabetical index of settlements.
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First edition!

15 regions & Tallinn

800+ sights

70+ museums

51 tourism information centers

81 map

About 600 photos

Size 14 x 24 cm / 312 pages


The biggest map publishers in Baltics – Estonian “Regio” and Latvian “Jāņa sēta” have done the first and unique travel guide for travelers in Estonia. The new Travel guide is the most thorough edition of tourist information, pictures and maps that have ever been published about Estonia. 

We have made Estonia Travel guide as serious source of information about cities, towns and regions, nature, history and culture for those tourists who are seeking for deeper knowledge. Textual part of the edition is created by three authors. It includes information about more than 800 sights, tourism objects or places, more than 70 museums, 45 tourism information centers, texts are supplemented with about 600 pictures and 81 map. At the end of this travel guide is special reference information section.



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Reissued edition
Dimensions 213 x 300 mm
Page count: 60 pages, Vidzeme – 68 pages
Each page of the edition is laminated
Spiral binding


The most important complementation of the second edition of map series "With a map in nature" is information about nature trails in each of regions. With more than 60 nature trails it is the most complete edition and is made together with experts from Information about each trail consists of its description, detailed map, photos and information about trail lenght, time needed, pavement and level of its difficulty. You will find there information about signs, rest places and fire-places, accesssibility for bicycles, baby carriages and invalid carriages as well. 


At the beginning of this year’s tourism season, the Map Publisher Jana Seta has released a new map series "With a map in nature". The series is like a logical continuation of the first edition of the Great Atlas of Latvia, adjusting the extensive atlas for convenient and safe use in nature and in bad weather and terrain conditions. Each page of the new edition is laminated, thus being more resistant to moisture and various forms of damage caused by active use, whereas the spiral binding allows the map to be used and pages turned conveniently. For greater user convenience, the map of the Great Atlas of Latvia in the scale 1:100 000 (1 cm on the map = 1 km in nature), which is the most detailed map of Latvia available to a wide range of users, has been divided in four region editions – Kurzeme, Zemgale, Vidzeme, Latgale. Each of those editions is supplemented with the biggest city plans.
The intention of the new series editions is to be an accurate tool in terrain conditions (on a road, on a river, in a forest), helping its user to determine his/her location and plan the further route. The advantages in comparison to maps that are available in navigation devices, smartphones and tablets, are the transparency and detailing of the maps, as well as the chance to use them in any conditions and for any duration, regardless of a device’s battery life or internet accessibility.
We have especially thought about active tourism lovers – those, who travel by bicycles or boats. For the first time on maps with this kind of scale, we have given distances for all boating rivers of Latvia (for each river kilometre, so that it is easy to follow the already covered distance and plan the remaining route), as well as we have indicated most of the cycling routes that are marked with the standard symbols in nature.
The map series was developed in cooperation with the JSC Latvijas valsts meži brand Mammadaba, maps include the most important Mammadaba sightseeing and recreation objects, as well as a description of those objects and services offered.
Take a map and dive into nature!

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Edition of Year 2016
Scale 1: 500 000
96 x 55,5 cm/ 12,5 x 24 cm folded
Hard cover

Index of populated places, table of distances.
Riga, Daugavpils, Jelgava, Liepaja, Rezekne, Valmiera and Ventspils city plans included.

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Hemisphere Puzzle “Animals of the World”

First edition

Puzzle size 68 cm/dm

Bag size 41 x 32 x 11.5 cm


The new hemisphere puzzle of the Map Publishers Jāņa Sēta will be exciting and cognitive entertainment for children. It is a unique set – two round-shaped puzzles of the Eastern and Western hemispheres map, illustrated with animal images and placed into a specially designed cardboard bag.

The continents and oceans of the hemispheres depict popular inhabitants of the animal kingdom in exuberant illustrations from artist Agija Staka-Jansone. Each puzzle can be composed of 300 pieces and the diameter of a composed puzzle is 68 centimetres.

The puzzle is prepared in the Latvian, Lithuanian, Estonian and Swedish languages, and it will serve as a perfect present for your children.

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Pocket Lithuania Road Map

Scale: 1:1 000 000



Scale: 1:1 200 000


Latvia. Road map

Scale: 1:500 000


Map browser
Map of traffic jams

Interactive map for your web site!

See traffic jams in Riga city!!!

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